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Have you inherited, collected or bought an extensive collection of wine, with which you're not sure what to do?

Martijn Fernhout, owner of Barrel Wijn, would be happy to look at your possibilities. Martijn is "vinoloog" and WSET certified and has extensive experience in the wine trade. His personal interests in terms of wine are: old Bordeaux, Sauternes, Hungarian Tokaj and German Riesling.

Our method is as follows:

1. We try to get an idea of ​​the size of the collection and how it has been preserved, and of the quality of the wines.
2. If we need to take a closer look at the collection, we would be happy to make an appointment to make an inventory of the wines. We work throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. Before we come by, we will indicate whether we want to help you offer the wine for auction or sale, or whether we would like to make you a buying offer ourselves. In the first case, an hourly rate or a fixed percentage of the auction proceeds applies, in the second case we look through “trader's glasses” and, if desired, offer you the opportunity to ask for the opinion of a third party in advance.
3. After making an inventory and possibly obtaining additional information, we can offer your wines up for auction. For this, we work with a party specialized in wine auctions in the Netherlands.
4.Depending on your wishes, we can help you empty the cellar and prepare the wines for auction and / or deliver them to the auction house.

Would you like more information, or schedule an appointment? Please contact Martijn directly by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.