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Wine tasting

Small Tasting
During opening hours of Barrel Wijnlokaal you can order a "small tasting". You will then be served 4, 6 or 8 half glasses (17.50, 26.50 and 35.00 p.p. respectively), which we serve with a brief explanation accompanying every wine. You can indicate your preferences (per table) and we choose some beautiful beautiful wines for you. We only serve the small tasting per table.
Normally, it is not possible to reserve this tasting in advance. If you, however, would like to do a small tasting with a larger group (starting at 8 people), please contact us in advance.

Private Tasting
Would you prefer a private tasting? This is possible! We provide tastings in English as well.
For a party, for a birthday or with a group of wine enthusiasts: we are happy to help!
We can organize tastings in Barrel Wijnlokaal or Barrel Wijnwinkel (for a maximum of 25 participants), or on location (for a maximum of ... er ... a lot of participants!). A tasting can be a "general introduction to the world of wine", but it is also possible to take a more specific approach, such as a tasting with sparkling wines, dessert wines or ports, or with a specific wine country or region as a theme. For a tasting focused on one type of wine or wine region, adapted rates apply. We will be happy to prepare a tailor-made offer for you.

For a tasting at Barrel, with an explanation about winemaking, different wine styles and the origin of wine, tasting 8 wines, including a plateau with cheeses and cured meat with bread we apply the following pricelist, depending on the number of participants:

With 6 participants 45 euros per person,
with 7 participants 39.50 euros per person,
with 8-10 participants 35 euros per person,
with 11-12 participants 30 euros per person,
with 13-15 participants 27.50 euros per person,
with 16-20 participants 25 euros per person,
with 21-25 participants 22.50 euros per person and
from 26 people 20 euros per person.

The minimum number of participants is eight from Monday through Thursday. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday this number has to be at least ten. If you show up with fewer tasters the corresponding rates apply.
If your tasting takes place on Friday, Saturday or Sunday afternoon / evening, our "weekend rate" also applies, with the following surcharges on the above prices:

Up to 9 participants + 5 euros per person,
above + 2.50 per person.

If you are following a diet or have a food allergy, we would like to be notified on reservation. We reserve the right to charge an additional cost for tailoring a tasting to your extra needs (for example gluten-free bread).
Depending on your wishes, adapted rates apply for a tasting on location (logistics, possible mileage, extra time investment, etc.). We would be happy to prepare a tailor-made offer for you.
In addition to cheeses and cured meats, we can also provide delicious vegetarian snacks from Cook-Ing (at additional cost).

In short: almost anything is possible! For more information, reservations or a tailor-made offer, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Barrel's wine tastings are provided by owner Martijn Fernhout (vinoloog and WSET level 3).